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  • Root

    Every month
    • For 'key workers'
    • For those facing economic difficulties
    • For friends and family members
    • Works out as 95p per day!
    • Cancel anytime with no fee
  • Heart

    Every month
    • You are in full time employment or economically safe
    • Understand the benefits of yoga nidrā
    • Only £1.61 per day!
    • Cancel any time with no fee
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    Every month
    • Money is not a worry
    • Understand the benefits of yoga nidrā and time involved
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your yoga nidrā

As with all practices of yoga, in order to really get the full benefits, yoga nidrā should be tailored to the student. The sankalpa is an incredibly powerful tool, but its full healing power appears when it is matched to our samskāras or deep impressions/wounds. This is highly difficult to achieve in a group class or online recording.

Yoga nidrā takes you to the screen of your conscious AND sub-conscious mind- the chidākāsha. This is the place usually reserved for the dreaming state, and so can sometimes be confusing. Many questions can arise after yoga nidrā and nobody to ask.

There are various aspects to the practice, with some working better than others for you. You may benefit from background noise/music, or maybe prefer silence. And all this can also change over time as yoga nidrā does it's healing work. In other words, the ideal yoga nidrā for you is ever changing and evolving.


To receive a yoga nidrā which evolves with you, consider a subscription service giving you:

Monthly 1 hour meet online or in person

Reach a deeper understanding

To tailor the most effective practice for you requires you to be truly heard and fully understoodi This is a whole body communication, so either a video call or in-person if local to Brighton & Hove.

As well as getting to what you really need for the month, we will fine-tune the practice, discovering what has been working well, and what has been less effective. Just like ourselves, this is an ever-changing process.

The meet up is also a chance to help you reach deeper understanding, answering any questions you may have. A deeper understanding enriches your relationship to the practice.

Monthly 45 minute personalised recording

Reach deeper levels of healing and relaxation

A high-quality recording, for you to download to have on all of your devices, any time, any where! Using the understanding gained in the meet ups, this is completely and utterly tailored to you, to get the most out of your 45 minutes (shorter lengths are also available if this is more beneficial). 

Subtle elements such as the use of your preferred name really ramp up the effectiveness of yoga nidrā, and give you a practice which evolves as much as you will.

Email or WhatsApp support

Reach out anytime

Sometimes we have a question which is only relevant if answered swiftly. For this there is 24/7 support through whichever medium serves you best. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Free attendance to a weekly online class

Reach deep connections

Yoga nidrā is working on the subconscious level- chidākāsha. Awareness or consciousness is beyond the barriers of time and space, so even in an online class, deep interconnection can occur. The experience of a group class can be vastly different to a solo practice, and we can benefit from both.

15 trees planted

Make a positive impact on the planet 

The greatest thing we can do is change ourselves through practices such as yoga nidrā. This has a positive ripple effect throughout the universe. The second greatest thing we can do is make sure we leave a positive impact on this earth. Aiming for neutrality is not enough.

We are the earth, so a positive impact here, is a positive impact to us. 15 trees equates to an offset of 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide. The screen you're reading this from is ultimately leaving a trace on the earth, and so it is important to me that we factor this into the practice. Each time you listen to the recordings is likely to leave a carbon footprint. If we don't offset that it is questionable whether we are doing more harm than good in the practice.

Planting 15 trees a month removes that question! You are doing nothing but good whilst practicing yoga nidrā.