Standing or Tadasana

Tadasana yoga pose brighton and hove

Standing is pretty easy right? We just do it. That statement is entirely correct. It's a little more complex that that though, to the degree that it's a pose in Yoga called Tadasana, or mountain pose.

Traditionally this is a strong, rigid pose. In this pose we are almost forcing the body into a set alignment and engaging numerous muscles throughout the body, to create a stable structure. There is nothing wrong with this and it's been taught for many years to millions of students. The video below gives you a quick overview, so give it a try.

But I like to question everything and usually based around how it serves us in daily life. When you are standing day-to-day you are not going to do this. Firstly you'll look a bit crazy! That is never a good enough reason to not do something in my view, but it can definitely put one or two off. More importantly to me though, it's really not energy efficient.

In life we want to be as energy efficient as possible. Some would call it lazy, but I call it wise. This includes just standing still. Often when we are standing still, we are not in a place of efficiency. We'll place more weight in one foot than the other, we might be stooped over, or we might be swaying to one side. All these deviations from the centre require muscle use to keep us standing.

What I think is more useful in daily life is to do a Tadasana with as little muscle use as possible. Just standing there, scanning the body to find how you can stand more easily. Naturally, in order to stand with the least amount of muscle use, you will find a place of your 'best' alignment. By best, I mean most efficient. Have a little try in the video below.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about posture and how it's not the cause of any problems, so why are we so worried about it. These statements are true to a degree, but the place of ideal posture is one where the bones are most naturally balanced and therefore require the least amount of muscle use. So for me it is important as we will use less energy. This means more energy available for other activities, including all the fun things you want to do.

These videos are all part of the [evolve] program, incorporating Yoga/Pilates into your daily life. Standing rigidly isn't going to help you. Standing efficiently will! So have a little feel into your body the next time you are standing still.