Merry Christmas and a big thank you

2018 is coming to an end, so naturally a bit of reflection occurs with that.

As a teacher it has been a totally transformative year in a way I'd have never imagined. A year ago I was rather disillusioned with teaching, thinking I was going nowhere and giving classes of generic Pilates. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but it didn't feel right. It felt as if I was teaching what was expected, which is in part what happens when teaching in studios and gyms. The shift happened when I began teaching at Wickwoods Country Club. This wonderful bunch were game for anything and so we began our little journey into the often weird and wonderful. It was there where I first taught an entire class with the eyes closed and various other off the cuff ideas which I hadn't seen in Pilates before (but I'm not saying I was the first for anything).

At the same stage I was enrolled onto Yoga Teacher Training. I saw things in Yoga which Pilates needed, and say things in Pilates which Yoga needed. After the Yoga training, I'm at the stage where I now believe 100% in the Pilates I'm teaching. It's no longer pure Pilates but an amalgamation of all sorts. I am still to find this totally in my Yoga teaching, still somewhat sticking to the 'Yoga rule book', but that is all part of the process. Either way, the Yoga Teacher Training with Tammy at Real Flow Yoga completely shifted me. I was back in love with learning!

I am now also very close to this being my full time profession. Photography has most definitely taken a back seat in my life, with every day now spent reading about the body/Yoga/Pilates, filming tutorials or experimenting with my own body.

And this is where you all come in. None of this would be possible without you. All those that have followed me through the journey, from being in the same classes together under the wonderful teachers at Active 4 Less, through to my own classes now at Honeycroft. To the new students I've had the pleasure of teaching, many of whom had never encountered Pilates or Yoga before. It has been an absolute privilege to be your guide in this. To my lovely little tribe at Wickwoods who pretty much just let me experiment on them, but totally get what I am trying to teach them. To all the teachers I've had this year who inspired me to push forward in my own learning, as well as teach me so much themselves. To all the people in my life who have watched a dramatic change in me throughout the year and supported the journey. I cannot thank everybody enough.

This week's group classes will be the last before 2019, so if I don't see you there, have a wonderfully joyous festive period with loved ones. I hope to see you all in 2019 to help with your detox, but more importantly share the journey together. Merry Christmas!

(Yes that is me in the Santa suit)

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