How to create a daily practice

A lot of us want or try to have a daily Yoga or Pilates practice, yet with the best will in the world it doesn’t happen. Starting small and building up will make this happen a lot easier than aiming for an hour a day straight away.

  • Have a visual cue or reminder. Leave your mat out and you're less likely to forget to practice.

  • Make it easy. To begin with, only do 2 minutes a day until that becomes a habit. Once it is a habit without much thought start gradually adding more time. The easier something is, the more likely it is you are to do it in the beginning.

  • Make it enjoyable. Choose your favourite poses or exercises to begin with. You’re more likely to repeat it if you enjoy it. Over time you can then make it more challenging once the habit is formed.

  • Be ready. Make active wear your ‘lounging around the house’ clothing choice and then you’re always good to go. This also has to do with identity formation. If being active becomes part of your identity, you're more likely to do things that match it, and less likely to do things that conflict with it.

  • Make it rewarding. A lot of the things that are good for us we get a delayed reward from (e.g. you'll feel the real physical benefits of a daily practice in a few months time), whereas a lot of things that are bad for us give instant gratification and delayed negatives (e.g. damn that cake tastes good, but a daily cake habit will show in the body a few months down the line for most of us). After your 2 minutes treat yourself to something you want to do or have, but make it something that matches the healthy habit.

  • Most of all apply Yoga and Pilates methods to your day to day life and then a daily practice is less important. Things like when you are standing still, checking in with your feet and making the weight in them even, or taking spinal movements throughout the day.

Hope that helps, and I’d love to hear of any other tips you may have, or if this works for you.

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