Dr. Suzanne Newcombe- 'Yoga in Britain'

In this fascinating and information packed interview, Dr. Suzanna Newcombe discusses many of the aspects that gave rise to yoga in Britain, possibly shaping the current landscape of yoga in the west today.

The topics discussed include:

0:00 Adult education evening courses

2:50 Peter Mackintosh

5:30 The British Wheel of Yoga & Wilfred Clark

9:59 Power inequalities in society & yoga

12:17 Women's liberation & yoga 'fashion' in the 60s & 70s

14:27 Yogini Sunita

20:03 B.K.S. Iyengar

23:05 Yoga on T.V.: Sir Paul Dukes, Richard Hillman- Yoga in Health, BBC- Pebble Mill, Yoga for All.

29:09 Natural birth movement

32:18 Yoga, health and beauty. Sūrya Namaskār.

37:07 Radio 4- Women's Hour

38:02 Sir Paul Dukes, Stella Cherfas

40:02 What is yoga?

42:18 The 1980s and rise of Ashtanga Vinyasa

44:06 Religion

46:15 The U.K.'s influence on the U.S.

Dr. Newcombe's book, 'Yoga in Britain: Stretching Spirituality and Educating Yogis' is a must read for yoga lovers. Further details can be found here.