Book Review- 'Consciousness Beyond Life'

Book review of Consciousness Beyond Life- Pim van Lommel

'Consciousness Beyond Life- The Science of the Near-Death Experience', by Pim van Lommel was recommended to me by a Shaman that I see. And OH MY, I see why. This book blew my little brain away! Or rather, what I thought of as my brain.

Van Lommel is a pioneer in the research of near-death experiences or NDEs. After starting out as a cardiologist, he witnessed first hand people's experiences of NDEs and all the intrigue led him to dedicate his life to studying these. The book is a huge collection of his findings and thoughts on the matter.

'Consciousness Beyond Life- The Science of the Near Death Experience' by Pim van Lommel
'Consciousness Beyond Life- The Science of the Near Death Experience' by Pim van Lommel

The book is full of science so got my vote immediately. The guy isn't just writing his beliefs, but is backed by all his findings and a huge notes section of other research in various areas. With that in mind it can be a little heavy going, to the degree that your brain literally aches from what you are reading. But because what you are reading is so mind blowing and evidence supported you just have to keep reading.

As a man of science he isn't one to make a load of 'spiritual' claims without backing. The topic of the brain and consciousness is incredibly difficult to actually study as they can only monitor certain aspects of thought, so any claims he makes without backing are just proposed as a hypothesis based around the research that there is. But these claims make absolute sense when you really think about it. I won't spoil it but I'll leave you with this little brain ache; It is well known that all the cells in our body regenerate. If that is the case then our brain cells are all different to the ones we had say 10 years ago. So how do we have memory of 10 years ago? Ouch! I know!!!

DNA and consciousness- life after death
Head hurting!

If you're a sceptic of 'spirituality' read this book! If you're on a 'spiritual path', read this book. If you're intrigued by life and after-life, read this book. Basically, read this book!!!