Bath or Shower?

This might win oddest Yoga blog post title of the year award! You'll also be pleased to learn I won't be posting a photo of me to accompany this blog. It's a continuation from a social media post I made about how to make your movement practice your opposite. The thing with social media is it's a limited space to explain often complex things, so you have to generalise somewhat. A blog post gives a bit more scope and a book even more! I am not writing the 'Bath or Shower?' book just yet, but if you ever see it on the shelves, buy it! It will be by me.

So what has bath or shower got to do with Yoga? We'll get to that, but to start with we'll look at Yin and Yang briefly. It can be said we are all energetic beings (quantum physics shizzle) and in Chinese culture it is made up of Yin elements and Yang elements. That alone is a huge topic, but for here let's consider Yin as gentle, passive, relaxed, and Yang as brash, active and energetic. Very simplified but hopefully you get the gist. We all have a balance of these two elements, some more Yin, some more Yang, but there is a natural midline somewhere for us all. This can ebb and flow and I'm sure you've experienced this in yourself; sometimes more reflective, or more active and so on. This balance is important, to keep your health as well as for things like your role in society.

Still confused about bath or shower? Well, our Yin or Yang energy shows through in so many ways, including I think our washing choices. I used to have a bath everyday. At that stage in my life I was just plodding along, staying in a job I was content with and not really doing a great deal. Nowadays I'm a shower everyday person and really pushing myself in all sorts of directions. Can you see how a bath matches that Yin, slower energy, and a shower, that faster, Yang energy. Just as a bath, you can also see how the Yin energy is more nurturing for yourself (well it is the female energy after all).

Now when I notice this Yang/lots of showering in myself I try to have more baths. I'm in a mega Yang stage at the moment, so I was having a bath when this all came to me to counteract this energy. Most annoying though I'm feeling so Yang at the moment I had to jump out of the bath to write this post whilst it was fresh in my mind. But when we're busy rushing around, it's why it's the most important time to slow down now and then to make some time for ourselves.

This is why I said to make your movement practice your opposite. If you're an highly active person, choose a slower Yoga practice. But any form of Yoga, Pilates, or exercise can be seen as Yin in a way as it's taking the time out to nurture yourself. There are numerous ways we can balance our energies. The trick is to be able to observe yourself first and be able to see that you might be out of balance. Now get those bath times AND shower times for your perfect balance.

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