9 to follow in 2019

If you don't follow me on Instagram then you'll have missed my 9 Instagram accounts to follow in 2019. More importantly why are you not following me on Instagram? So before you read this give @balancedrootsmovement a follow. If you don't have Instagram then that's a damn good excuse, but see what you can find by these people online. 

Instagram is an inspiring place, but it can also be a demoralising place. Sometimes you may find who you follow can make you feel worse about yourself with their glamorous photographs. I've succumbed to that (Dylan Werner!) and now unfollow accounts like this. Or sometimes it can be an echo chamber of your own beliefs, which doesn’t promote thought or growth. These 9 accounts will hopefully inspire, stimulate and sometimes provoke you (in a good way). You'll see the commonality that they're all real people, teaching critical thinking in the movement community. They base their thoughts on science or experience and not passed down 'wisdom' with no rationale.

@letsciencemoveyou is a Yogi who no longer teaches Yoga, but is now a ‘science based movement coach’. Packed full of thought provoking content, based on scientific thinking a not ‘ancient wisdom’. 

@trinaaltman is a relatively new one to me but her content is exactly what I love; outside of the box thinking in Yoga and Pilates. You’ll love her stuff!

@julianmarcwalker is relatively new to Instagram but already built up a following with his highly intelligent videos, often questioning what we do or teach in Yoga and life. 

@yogadetour is another Yogi using science to guide her teachings. Lots of original movements to keep your practice fresh, but most importantly actually good for you. 

@jenn_pilotti is another ex yoga teacher, now teaching what she believes in. It’s still a lot of Yoga, but again based in modern thinking with no BS. 

@justinwolferyoga I’m doing a teacher training course with. Why? Because I believe in his contemporary take on ‘traditional’ Yoga and many of his thoughts he gives. Go check him out. 

@ryanorrico is deliberately provocative but rightly so. If you want your thoughts and ideas of self constantly challenged follow him. If you don’t want that then you’re just not ready. You have to see past the provocative  facade to sometimes get to the message, but the message is nearly always spot on.

@anulamaiberg is my kind of Pilates. Not ‘traditional’ but grounded in tradition. Completely out of the box movements based on Pilates thinking, taking Pilates in a creative direction. 

@jenni_rawlings is smashing it with original content, again based upon critical thinking of what we’re doing in Yoga. These ‘new-wave’ of Yoga teachers are actually very Pilates in their approach but don’t tell them that ;) 

There are so many other amazing accounts I could've included, but I had to stop somewhere. If you like the look of these accounts and want to follow more like them, let me know and I'll send you some more recommendations.

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