being [move] ment

Welcome to this video library, giving you over SIXTY different videos to keep moving in your daily life. Movement is an important part of our health and ​wellness. It helps us to maintain our mobility, as well as keep our connection to our body.

The movements are all very simple so that they can be done anywhere, without the need for equipment. None of these are meant to be stressful on the body in any way, so please do stop if anything causes discomfort. This includes the breathing exercises.

I have made this offering on a donation basis, so it is available for free, with trust that if you can afford (and if you feel they have been of value) you will be kind enough to consider a donation to myself or to The Universal Shaiva Fellowship. Details can be found towards the bottom of the page of each offering.












If you have any questions at all in regards to any of this please do just get in touch here. I am also very happy to work one-to-one in Skype sessions or similar if you feel that could be of benefit. Again, just give me a shout.

If you have found this offering of use, and would like to donate what you see fit, you can do so via PayPal here.

I am forever grateful to all of my teachers and also to the work of the Universal Shaiva Fellowship who not only work to keep the teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo (the last Master of Kashmir Śaivism who passed in 1991 ) alive, but were also incredibly kind enough to give me a scholarship. If you would like to donate to them you can do so by clicking here.

May your journey be one of intrigue and wonder.