Group Class & Photoshoot

Sunday 18th November


Purple Turtle

2 hours

8 Teachers

2 Photographers

Lots of Yoga

Lots of photos

& lots of fun!

Hi Lovely Yogis,

Sarah and Jonathan of Movement and Photography and Sarah Alice Yoga and Photography have joined creative forces to bring you a very exciting photography event. 

We put our heads together, and realised that although you may have had individual photographs taken in beautiful locations (and we love capturing you that way), it’s actually really valuable to have photographs of you teaching students as well.

Be the teacher for 15 minutes whilst the two of us capture you in action with the class, and then become the student for 105 minutes! 

As there will be two photographers you will receive both wide angle and close up shots so there will be a great amount of material for you to use.

£50- 15 minute teaching and photography slot, 105 minutes of Yoga, 10 beautifully edited photographs

£20- 120 minutes of Yoga under 8 wonderful teachers

Photography spaces limited to 8 so book early. 

The Venue

Purple Turtle Wellbeing

Old Slipper Baths
Barrack Yard
North Road

Booking & Payment


Group Class

If you would like to pay by any other method, or have any questions please email

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