Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

The more I do them both, the less I think there's actually a difference. A lot will depend on the teacher. So I teach Pilates with a lot of Yogic thought, and teach Yoga with a lot of Pilates awareness. I personally think people need both in their lives and have written about why here. A lot of the answer to the question also depends on what you are defining Yoga as; if you mean just the poses or Asanas or Yoga as the science it actually is. If it is the latter I've written a piece here about whether Pilates is Yoga. The best thing if you are asking the question is to try them for yourself and see which you prefer.

Do I have to do the monthly plans through the website?

No. You can also set up a standing order if you prefer, and I can also accept cash or card each month. However suits you best.

I have the Root package. Can I come to more than one class a week?

Yes! You are very welcome to the classes, but will be charged standard drop in rate. If you were to do this twice in a month it would've been cheaper to upgrade your monthly package, so please consider that option.

I can't attend as many classes as I used to. Can I downgrade my package?

Yes that's no problem. Just cancel your existing package and set up the package you now want.

I have the Root package. Can I change which class I attend each week?

Yes. The packages are for any class. So if it's the Root package it allows you to any 1 class each week.

I'm not at all flexible so should I wait to start Yoga?

No no no! Firstly, Yoga is not about flexibility. I'm not flexible either. It's something that's become overhyped and can actually go to the extreme of being bad for you. Yoga will help increase your mobility over time, but it will do so much more for you than that. It's more about moving mindfully and helping to quieten the mind.

I have an injury, so I'm unsure whether I can come to any classes.

It depends on the injury. Always contact me first if you have any concerns, but most things can be worked with or around. Pilates and Yoga can help with a lot of injuries and bodily issues so don't be afraid.