These are yoga āsana classes, but maybe not as you know them.


Deeply relaxing, but more importantly, these classes can be deeply revealing- guiding you to the discovery of your true nature. Remove all prior knowledge of a 'yoga class', remove any expectation and take a journey.

There is absolutely nothing to see or nothing to copy in the videos, so you are able to get deep within. Each class is a subtley different way to take you to new understanding of your experience of 'being'. The classes will be entirely different every time you take the practice. 

I have made these offerings on a donation basis, so they are available for free, with trust that if you can afford (and if you feel they have been of value) you will be kind enough to consider a donation to myself or to The Universal Shaiva Fellowship. The suggested donation for each class is £5-£15.

May your journey be one of intrigue and wonder.