My Pilates and Yoga classes in Brighton are designed to challenge people safely, functionally and enjoyably. We work at a variety of levels in most exercises or poses, meaning they are suitable for all ages and abilities. I hope to be able to help you apply what you do in class to your everyday life, therefore gaining long term benefits from your practise.


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Alignment・Breath ・ Centre・Control・Concentration・Precision

These are the six original principles of Pilates. But I like to add the word 'Your' before them. Your breath may be completely different to mine. Alignment that's good for me really might not be good for you.  So come and discover YOUR Pilates.



The Asanas or Poses are such a small aspect of Yoga. I believe the relaxation and self discovery are the parts we can gain most from in Yoga, so I bring this in with fun, functional movement.



This is my baby, my creation. Taking Yoga and using Pilates exercises as the Asanas to work the Prana (energy) around the body and focusing on different Chakras. Intrigued? So you should be! It's an energetic journey of discovery!


One to one

These are a great way to begin your movement journey, get deeper into your existing one, or work in a much more tailored environment to your needs. Sessions are designed for YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR soul. You could have a specific goal in mind, be working with an injury, be new to Yoga or Pilates, or not enjoy the group class environment. 


Please contact me for further information and arrange a free 15 minute consultation. 20% of one to ones goes towards two amazing Brighton homeless charities- The Clock Tower Sanctuary and Sussex Homeless Support.  


Pre and Post Natal

This is an exciting time, but can also be a little daunting or scary. I am fully certified by Mama's Pilates and insured to teach both Yoga and Pilates. These one to one sessions are tailored to you in order to keep you and your baby in the best condition. I like to work closely with your other healthcare professionals to provide the best possible support network throughout the duration of your pregnancy. 

Please contact me for further information and arrange a free consultation. 


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