Yoga āsana classes, but maybe not as you know them.


Deeply relaxing, but more importantly, these classes can be deeply revealing- guiding you to the discovery of your true nature. Remove all prior knowledge of a 'yoga class', remove any thinking or perceiving and take a journey of experiencing.

If the classes had to be given a label, it would be Kaśmīri Yoga. 'Āsana is accomplished by dwelling, as it were, in the conscious space that generates things, rather than the things themselves. Hence, this is not a ‘performative’ yoga, but felt, lived, experienced at first hand, co-penetrated in the open question ‘Who am I?’(so’haṃ), the true basis of this embodied consciousness.' (Lussana, 2019)

There is absolutely nothing to see or nothing to copy. Each class is a subtley different way to take you to new understanding of your experience of 'being'. The classes will also be entirely different every time you take the practice.

All are on a donation basis- so free- with trust that if you can afford (and if you feel they have been of value) you will be kind enough to consider a donation to myself or to The Universal Shaiva Fellowship. The suggested donation for live class is £3-£8, and for videos £5-£10.

May your journey be one of intrigue and wonder.

Lussana, G. (2019). Yoga is Life. FIND Transcultural Dialogues N.3, Winter Solstice.