'And who is the hero in this drama? Here the part of the hero is played by the internal soul who is also the universal soul in disguise.'

Swami Lakshmanjoo

Yoga 1-to-1s

working with YOU and your life


I trust in yoga, and I trust in you... 

You are walking your own unique path, in your own unique way. Your life is revealing to you all that you need to learn in order to return to your true nature; your Self; your divinity. It really may not feel like it at times/most of the time, which is where you may need some assistance.


Without interfering in your path, I am here to make suggestions based on you, your life, as well as the teachings and tools of yoga. You can see it as a supporting arm alongside you in your journey. Is it easier to walk through the mud alone or with someone by your side, helping you stay upright?

Sessions are one hour long- in person or online- as and when required. You may only need one helping hand on your way, or maybe a spell in life when once a week is more beneficial. Ultimately this is YOUR journey!

working with who you are

you are in a completely unique place on your journey, so it is important to give tools and teachings which are of most relevance and use to who you are.

working with what you are facing

what you face- your karma- is exactly what you need to help you discover your Self and so it is paramount to work with this instead of against it. 

guided by you

what you feel you need is the direction we work with. I trust you, and your guidance system.

deeply rooted in yoga

the ancient wisdom has stood the test of time, and we are slowly seeing our 'science' catch up  in quantum physics, biology, psychology, and many other fields.

keeping it real

using everyday language (any Sanskrit words honoured but rarely used) and keeping it free from flowery spiritual B.S. terminology to make it accessible for all. 

This might seem radically different to the yoga you are used to, and maybe it doesn't. To me, this is as authentic to the original ways of 'teaching' as I can get. 


See yourself as the artist, and I'm the shop assistant giving options on brushes, paints and mediums to paint on. You already know how to paint, but I may be able to give you the tools to fully realise that. 

More importantly than anything, this is a friendship, which is why face-to-face interaction is important, whether in person or online. Your privacy and confidentiality in all of this is of upmost importance, with NICE guidelines adhered to.


After a session you will be emailed with the tools and teachings that have been put forward as possibilities for you. Everything is optional and meant to be experimented/played with. 

Yoga is the highest privilege and should be accessible to all. Therefore the sessions are on a donation basis, to be paid (or not paid) after. During the epidemic, all NHS staff receive sessions free of charge.

If you have any questions at all, then head over to my contact page here and drop me an email or give me a call (if I miss your call please just leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can).

'So, it is concluded there that the questioner knows the answer.'

Swami Lakshmanjoo