You are already perfect!

You may not realise it...yet. You live in a society trying to tell you the complete opposite. You have events in your life which may add to the feeling of not being enough. But I promise you that you are. 

In yoga these are called vāsana or life's impressions, which in western thinking make up your subconscious mind. In yoga philosophy these can be caused by our samskāras, which are your deep conditionings from the past. They are all part of what make you human, and in the slow removal of these- through practices such as yoga nidrā- you start to discover your real Self.

This may start with your body. It could be an āsana practice or it could be Pilates, it doesn't matter. In learning to be in touch with your body- embodied self- you can start to use your own personal navigation system to discover that you really have been perfect all along! Then, what we label as the body, can be utilised as a sensing transmitter whilst we reside in awareness.

It involves slowing down. It involves creating space- in mind and body. And it involves all aspects of yourSelf.

Hi, I'm JJ

(Or Jonathan too)

In no particular order my primary teachers are:

Jane Grogan

Swami Yogaratna

Kaya Mindlin

Alexandria Crow

Tammy Mittell

Rachel Rafiefar

Allison Swan

All of these incredible women are the embodiment of the divine feminine, whilst being absolutely no 'b.s.' 

The teachings of Kashmir Śaivism have been instrumental in my journey and I am forever grateful for John Hughes and his compiling of the teachings of Swami Laksmanjoo, who was the last living Master of the tradition.

Kings College London and all the academics who give me a completely different perspective.

And really every interaction gives new teachings, so a big thank you to all I have crossed paths with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All information and teachings on the page are my current understanding. If there are any mistranslations or misinterpretations presented, these are purely my own limited understanding and no reflection upon any of my teachers or on yoga.

Try a yoga class and see what you feel...