You are already perfect!

That which is true,

Always is,

Always has been,

And always will be.

It therefore cannot be learnt,

But simply revealed.

This processing of revealing our true nature is Yoga. It is the opposite of effort, as you are already this perfection and completeness. There is nothing to do to become that. In fact, it is the effort which hides this.

As Francis Lucille says, 'Stop playing God. When we stop playing God, we are God.'

Yoga to liberate us from the constraints of the body-mind. Yoga to discover our limitless and infinite nature. Yoga to ultimately guide us where our inner knowing always knew about (which is ultimately nowhere). 

You are whole and complete as you are, right here and right now.

A Yoga deeply rooted in the Tantric tradition of Kaśmīr Śaivism, based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. 

Hi, I'm JJ

(Or Jonathan Jones too)

In no particular order my primary teachers are:

My mother, who taught me Yoga from day one, without either of us knowing...the best method of teaching!

Jane Grogan, who taught through her way of being and has always been there for all the existential crises along the way.

Swami Yogaratna, who deepened my understanding of the practice of Yoga Nidrā and is a shining beacon!

Kaya Mindlin, who sparked my love of the texts with her sharing of the Gitā, as well as Yoga Nidrā and answered just shy of a million questions.

Alexandria Crow, who appeared as a 'course correction' on this journey and shared so much wisdom.

Tammy Mittell, who shared her vast array of knowledge to give a taster of all things Yoga for us to find our own way.

Rachel Rafiefar, who was the scary Pilates examiner, that become the most loving teacher and spiritual mentor.

Allison Swan, who shared her extensive Pilates knowledge, whilst encouraging independent and critical thinking in the field.

All of these incredible women are the embodiment of the divine feminine, whilst being absolutely no 'b.s.' 

The teachings of Kashmir Śaivism have been instrumental in my journey and I am forever grateful for John Hughes and his compiling of the teachings of Swami Laksmanjoo, who was the last living Master of the tradition.

Kings College London and all the academics who give me a completely different perspective.

And really every interaction gives new teachings, so a big thank you to all I have crossed paths with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All information and teachings on the page are my current understanding. If there are any mistranslations or misinterpretations presented, these are purely my own limited understanding and no reflection upon any of my teachers or on yoga.

Try a yoga class and discover what you feel...