You are already perfect!

You may not realise it...yet. You live in a society trying to tell you the complete opposite. You have events in your life which may add to the feeling of not being enough, But I promise you that you are. 

In yoga these are called vasana or life's impressions, which in western thinking make up your subconscious mind. In yoga philosophy these can be caused by our samskaras, which is your deep conditioning from the past. They are all part of what make you human, and in the slow removal of these you start to discover your real self.

This all starts with your body. It could be yogasana or it could be Pilates, it doesn't matter. In learning to be in touch with your body- embodied- you can start to use your own personal navigation system to discover that you really have been perfect all along!

What is Balanced Roots Movement?


Balanced is important in a physical sense, and also in life. Many of us are struggling to find the time for ourselves. Yoga & Pilates not only help you with physical balance, but also give you time to focus on your own body and get within. A healthy body can be said to be in homeostasis or balance. It is when we lose this balance that we become unhealthy or ill in some way, but regular yoga and/or Pilates can help prevent this.


Roots are there to ground you and provide a strong platform. This sense of being grounded is the first step to healing and returning to our true nature. Modern life has created humans primarily based in their heads. Through yoga and Pilates you can become based in your entire mind-body-soul as one. Being grounded in this process reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.


You were born to move! Everything about your body is designed specifically for movement, but many of us are becoming increasingly sedentary. Your body LOVES movement. The movement I like to teach is beneficial, functional and most of all fun! 

Pilates and yoga

I love yoga AND Pilates! Yes it can happen. But I know that some like one and not the other, so I offer both. I teach Pilates in a way to remember how to move your body, whilst learning just how amazingly designed it is. Yoga is taught as a form of self-inquiry to help discover your true nature of perfection. 


Hi, I'm JJ

(Or Jonathan too)

I arrived to Pilates 10 years ago with a bad back. Skateboarding had ruined my body! I was the only man in the class, but that didn't stop me. Something about it grabbed me. At the same time I also joined an Iyengar Yoga class. My body wasn't all that mobile, but again I enjoyed the inwardness more than the poses. 

Fast forward a few years and I landed in Brighton with dreams and aspirations. Photography was my life but I also wanted to share the love I had for Pilates. So I did just that. I spent a year training under the amazing Alison Swan of Pilates Matwork Teacher Training and came away with a little certificate, but more importantly, a heap of knowledge and thirst for more.

At this stage I had a regular yin yoga practice, but I found the rest of yogasana to be harming my body. I would often walk (correction; hobble) away with a bad back or something else strained. The rest of yoga I loved though. In my everyday life I embodied most things, other than the asanas. Pilates were my asanas.


But then out of nowhere I fell in love with yogasana. I found teachers who taught safely, knew my body well enough to be safe, but most importantly had the know how to not actually do everything the teacher said. I went on to learn under Tammy Mittell of Real Flow Yoga. Her student focussed approach to teaching really matched my thoughts on what was wrong with a lot of yogasana, and what was right with the teachers I had discovered I loved. 

This is why I teach discovery and empowerment. I want students to think for themselves, so they can be in classes and think 'oh, that's not for me...I'm going to do this instead'. So you walk away from class feeling great, with your head held high. I love seeing students' faces when they learn something new, not only asana/exercise wise, but also about themselves. For me, yoga and Pilates are about self-discovery. They can become a journey back to our true self; free from suffering.


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